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How Much Is My Placer Gold Worth?

But because placer gold isn't pure gold, it's typically 70 to 90-percent pure, your placer gold is only worth 70 to 90-percent of $39. Gold buyers are only interested in the actual amount of gold your selling them. Additionally, they deduct around 10-percent as a handling fee to cover their expenses and enable them to make a little money on the


What Is Placer Gold? Gold Rush Nugget Bucket

Oct 20, 2015· Placer Gold: The Stuff You Gold Pan For To start off, there are two types of gold deposits: lode and placer. Typically, lode deposits are the traditional veins of ore that are embedded in rocks and minerals. To recover gold from lodes, miners have to blast, mill, or treat the rock with chemicals to recover the gold inside. The process for the creation of placer gold


Prospecting Placer Gold Deposits

Table of ContentsPlacer MiningGeneral Geology of Placer-Gold DepositsCharacteristics of Placer Gold Prospecting for placer gold, except perhaps in the case of buried placers, is the simplest form of prospecting. Gold, platinum, and tin are the principal metallic minerals won from placers, but gold (alloyed with varying percentages of silver) is the only metal that has been


Placer Gold & Coin Gold Buyers 516 Riverside Ave

1 review of Placer Gold & Coin "I wanted to buy some particular rare U.S. coins so I called Placer Gold and Coin and they said they had some of the coins I was looking for in stock. I went to the store and the person working behind the counter was not able to find any so he left a note for the owner and told me that the owner would call me as soon as he returned.


Placer Gold vs. Lode Gold (and how to find it!)

Placer gold is the gold that most prospectors are more familiar with. This is the dust, flakes and nuggets that you can find by panning and sluicing a creek or river. Placer gold might have some rock attached to it, but generally it will be clean from